Why it matters to be ISO certified

The main reason why being ISO certified is important because it’s necessary to maintain consistency across various industries. The international standards ensure that everything is kept at a certain level and things are beyond the usual quality.

What is an ISO certification? An ISO certification is something which guarantees that the management system, manufactured goods, services or documents are of a quality which matches international standards. ISO refers to International Organization for Standardization. It is an independent organization and is not affiliated with the government. The work of this organization is to set standards which confirm the quality, security and efficacy of a product or services.

This certification is required for a wide variety of products and services. For some industries it is the standard which determines how their product or service is qualified in the international market. It is a standard which is applicable from industrial services or goods like medical products to energy management services.

ISO certification for a small company

The main concern of smaller businesses is that they need to pass an audit in order to become certified. However, it is not failing which should be of concern. The auditor simply review the system through which a business operates. They do so by measuring the procedures and methods of a business against the requirements which they have. If there are areas of non-conformity, the company or business simply has to ensure that they comply with those standards.

Small business owners should make sure that they take out the time to evaluate their system. It takes a little time to understand what the requirements are and how they should go about satisfying each of those requirements.

In order to become certified a business should take each of the following measures:

  • Make a decision to become ISO certified
  • Get hold of the standard and read it thoroughly
  • Some companies would benefit from hiring a consultant. The consultant would be able to guide them to make the necessary changes in their system so that they can pass the audit in the first go.
  • When hiring a consultant companies should make sure they belong to an ISO 9001-certified firm
  • It should be ensured that each requirement is met and all the necessary processes are in place
  • In case the requirements are not matching with the current procedures, make sure to make the necessary improvements. If the requirements match the standards move towards other requirements.
  • Make  selection from a list of certification bodies or registrars
  • Once the audit is complete, if there are short comings, make sure those are addressed ad secure the certification

While it is definitely helpful to have an individual assigned to help get ISO certification, one doesn’t need to hire someone on a full time basis. There are consultants who are willing to help small businesses gain a firm footing and be successful with the certification standards.

In order to make sure your business benefits from the ISO certification, make sure you hire a consultant to help you along the way.