Why choose the day care at HelensVale

If you are looking for early learning program for your children it is important that you should choose one that is reliable and safe for your child. Even though there might be different day cares at Helens vale but finding one which is just right for you can be a bit overwhelming.

The day-care at Helensvale is committed to providing children with the safe and nurturing environment. The program is in compliance with safety standards and is licensed.

Since the program is accredited parents can rest assured that their children would be taught according to their age and would also be looked after by the well trained staff.

The day-care has a colourful and bright environment. It is designed keeping the children requirements and needs in mind for example the furniture is safe and child sized and also the materials that are kept are ideal to be used by children.

Parents are encouraged to become actively involved in the day to day activities and also are included in planning of the end of year activities and usual quarterly programs. The caregivers at the day-care make sure that the parents are informed of all the planning and events. Since the day care program has an open door policy it is easier for parents to talk to the caregivers and find out about the child’s progress and new learning experiences.

The staff at Helens vale day care are trained and experienced in working with young children and they make sure that they respond to them in adverb and caring manner. The caregiver to child ratio is also in accordance with the standards set by the child care Association. Plus they also make sure that your child is in contact with the consistent caregiver so that they are able to develop a more nurturing relationship with them.

Children are provided with ample opportunities of free play. There is an open area where they are allowed to run and play. Since children are energetic and love to explore, the play area is kept safe and the playground is also designed in a way to accommodate the children and to care for their safety.

The day care program caters to children belonging to different ethnic and cultural backgrounds and there is a strong sense of community. The curriculum offered at the day care makes sure that it helps promote the growth of children in different areas of development. It not only focuses on the cognitive and creative development but also in shows the social and emotional growth of children along with the necessary verbal skills.

However it should be kept in mind that going to a day-care can be and a difficult time for a child. However the staff at the day care is trained to handle all sort of issues which children face when they are transitioning from home to day-care. Make sure that you take a tour of your local child care centre in Helensvale to get a better idea of all the  benefits which are in store for you and your little one

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