Things Kindergarten teachers wished Parents Knew

Kindergarten leaning has changed over the decades. It’s no longer what parents themselves had undergone through at kindergarten themselves. Kindergarten is actually the new first grade now. Children are supposed to be well prepared for this major step in their life. Here are a few words of advice from the teachers at kindergarten for all parents whose children are about to start kindergarten.

Stay at ease

Children can sense discomfort from miles away. If parents aren’t feeling comfortable about sending their children to kindergarten, it would reflect on the child as well. For parents it is essential to put their children at ease. It’s a better idea to leave your child at the kindergarten gate with a quick hug or kiss. Lingering would only prolong you child’s discomfort. Allow the teacher to take control of the situation.

Keep the questions for some other time

It’s natural for parents to be concerned for their child on the very first day of school. However any questions you have in mind could definitely wait. The first day at kindergarten is a harrowing experience for teachers. They have to settle children and make them feel at as much ease as possible. Keep your questions for a few days later when your child is well adjusted and happy.

Don’t worry too much about academics

Not all children learn at the same pace. Most children might have mastered the alphabet but there are few who could be struggling. The same applies for other concepts as well. The only thing which parents can do is to do continuous reinforcement at home so that their child feels more confident in front of their peers. It can be helpful for children to get some added help at home as well.

Pay attention to any newsletters or circulars you receive

Sometimes parent aren’t too keen to study the circulars which are handed out by the teachers. These circulars contain all the necessary information which you as a parent should be knowing. It would also help answer any questions you may have regarding your child’s academics and other skills too.

Teach your children responsibility from an early age

The more responsible your child, the easier it would be for them to fare at kindergarten. Children who attend school should be able to open their lunch and finish it on their own. This is helpful because these small things actually helps improve their self-confidence. A confident child becomes a better learner and I popular with his peers as well. Similarly teach children to care for their belongings. Make sure they pack their bag each day before going to bed. All these thing albeit small can help your child a great deal.

Manage your child’s schedule

Before your child is about to start kindergarten, make sure you make a few changes I the schedule. This could be done a few weeks earlier. This means sleeping earlier and waking up early too. Plus you may also like to make a few changes in your child’s breakfast habits. A child who has breakfast is able to focus much better is much happier at kindergarten.

Keeping all these things would help your child make feel more at ease in the new environment at kindergartens in Berserker.

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