Art Supplies Melbourne- Essential drawing materials and art tools for beginners

For any artists material and tools count a great deal. Good quality materials produce better works of art. This is something which becomes apparent when an artist makes a head way during their artistic journey. They would always observe that using a certain quality of paint always adds better aesthetics to their work. Every artist has a favorite brand for a particular color because they believe it always has a better or more realistic result.

It is easy to buy art supplies in Melbourne. The following are some essential art materials which every budding artist should carry in their supply bag.

Good quality drawing pencils

While there is certainly not one brand which an artist can chose from, each artist has their one favorite drawing pencil. It would differ from one individual to another. Of course it would take some trial and error to find one which you particularly like. But you are bound to find one after you try out a few brands on your own.

You have the option of choosing a complete pencil set or buying individual pencil. It all depends upon what works for you. Each artist is different and therefore the preferences differ as well.

A sketch book

A sketch book for an artist is something which they can draw on when the mood strikes. It’s a book in which they can practice various strokes or even come up with a master piece just out of the blue. An active sketch book is part and parcel of every artist’s stash of art supplies.

Sketch books are necessary for everyday practice. This is why it’s essential that you choose one which is sturdy and has a lot of pages. Sketch books with hard cover wok well because these actually stand the test of time and can be lugged around one place to another without having to worry about the fragility of the pages.

The right drawing surface

When selecting a drawing surface, the following are a few things which should be kept in mind:

  • The tooth of the surface refers to the texture of the drawing paper. It is important to choose the right kind of paper for the kind of artwork you have in mind. Heavily texture can produce lines which appear broken while a smoother texture would make for smoother lines.
  • The paper weight determines how much do the paper reams weigh. The weight of most paper depends upon the thickness of the paper.

Blending tools

All artist require blending tools like stumps which can help smudge a design according to the artists preference. Blending tools help create gradations which can add some character to the art work. Smudging with hand is not feasible as it may end up looking dirty or unprofessional.

Storage for the art work

All art work is precious for an artist, this is why it’s important to buy the right storage tools. Choosing the right portfolio means that artwork stays well protected. The right portfolio comprises of the right kind of features which take into account the size, shape and the rigidity.